Digital heritage preservation

Digital preservation consists of applying techniques and methods to ensure access in the future to archived digital information in any extension, software, hardware or system.

Since some years ago, libraries, archives and museums are in a permanent process of creation, identification, capture, documents access and information resources -often ephemeral- that should be preserved to maintain their integrity, authenticity, reliability, readability and features.

In this context, memory institutions have diversified the concept of heritage that should to be disseminated and preserved concerning to kind, creation and acquisition ways. This implies to rethink management, process, resources and equipment, technology and professional capacity.

The Biblioteca de Catalunya is actively positioned to address this new reality and to take advantage of it through its strategic plan of 2004 and its successive versions. All texts are in Catalan.

2005 was a turning point in digital heritage dissemination and preservation policies: first, launching projects for retrospectively digitizing of analogical collections, such as Memòria Digital de Catalunya (MDC), Arxiu de Revistes Catalanes Antigues (ARCA), and Google Books project.

Second, designing, creating and producing PADICAT, dedicated to born digital documents on the Internet.

Finally, creating safe digital systems or darks files to preserve documents both analogical and born digital. The Biblioteca de Catalunya designed the COFRE (COnservem per al Futur Recursos Electrònics), a tool created from its own experience to preserve with high safety conditions.

More information about digital repositories preservation. All texts are in Catalan:

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More information about digital strategy of Biblioteca de Catalunya. All texts are in Catalan:

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