Monographic collections, or PADICAT monographs, are collections of digital resources around a specific event in the Catalan public life, or on a particular topic of political, social, cultural, etc., of Catalonia.

The selected resources are classified or ordered according to different patterns depending on the nature of each monograph.

  • Catalan elections (2006)

    On the 1st November of 2006 the elections to Parliament were held in Catalonia. To understanding this key event for the Catalan society, we selected and harvested several versions of 81 online digital resources (political parties with and without parliamentary representation that presented candidature, personal blogs, web pages of the candidates, mass media, institutional digital resources, political foundations and research centers, etc) that have been incorporated to the Digital Heritage of Catalonia, to follow the evolution of the election campaign up in the Catalan Web.
  • Catalan elections (2010)

    Since 2006, the Biblioteca de Catalunya has been working on the internet monographics about the elections carried out in Catalonia. The last 28th of November were held parliamentary elections, and consequently, were harvested over 22.000 captures in different versions from 967 websites (blogs and websites of 246 candidates from 39 political parties with and without parliamentary representation, institutions and 56 media).

  • Catalan elections (2012)

    According to the trend initiated on 2006 with the first monographic compilation of web resources for the elections to the Catalan Parliament that year, PADICAT has been carrying out a monographic for each electoral campaign involving the Catalan citizenship. As well for the elections to the Catalan Parliament that took place on November 25, 2012.
  • European Elections (2009)

    The 7th elections to the European Parliament since 1979 were held in 27 member states of the EU between the 4th and the 7th June 2009. Among 491 millions European citizens, 375 millions were called up to the ballot box to elect 736 MEP. In Spain the elections took place on the 7th June.

  • Folk-rock (2008)

    Internet has become a new mean of music distribution where the bands broadcast their sonorous proposals. The proliferation of the music in the net involves, some times, the absence of this same music in a physical format as, for example, a CD, and therefore, it has not been edited by any Record company.

  • Local elections (2007)

    Along the same lines as the special issue about the elections to the Catalan Parliament on 1st November 2006, PADICAT has intensively monitored the electoral campaign for the local elections of 27th May. Information was taken from the blogs and webs of principal candidates for the mayor's office of 48 Catalan municipalities (i.e.

  • Local elections (2011)

    Since 2006 we harvest a focused collection of election campaign websites in Catalonia . On May 22, 2011, local elections were held and PADICAT captured 47.429 captures of 3.352 digital resources of 1.085 candidates of 177 politic groups.

  • Museums of Catalonia

    PADICAT presents a new monographic dedicated to the museums and collections of Catalonia opened to the public. A wide selection has been carried out through a deep search in several resources directories (search engine of museums and collections of the Generalitat de Catalunya, web sites of the 4 Catalan deputations, patronages of tourism of the regional councils, municipal sites, etc.).

  • Spanish elections (2008)

    Along the same lines as the special issues about the elections to the Catalan Parliament on 2006, and the local elections on 2007, Padicat offers a new special issue about the general elections to the Spanish Congress and Senate.

  • Spanish elections (2011)

    The eleventh elections to the Spanish Parliament since the democratic transition were held on November 20, 2011. These are the second Spanish elections in which the Biblioteca de Catalunya has carried out an intensive harvesting of digital resources related to this event.