The Biblioteca de Catalunya over the 200.000 harvested web pages at PADICAT repository


The web archive settled at the PADICAT (Digital Heritage of Catalonia) has exceeded the 200.000 versions of web pages on the Catalan Internet, until reach 229.396 harvestings of 57.993 web pages contained at the digital repository of the Biblioteca de Catalunya. A total of 340 million files, occupying 13 terabytes of space, that are preserved indefinitely at the Web Archive of Catalonia.

The collection contains, among others, the websites of the electoral campaigns of the last seven elections in which the Catalan citizenship has been called to the polls, including the last election campaign for the elections to the Congress and Senate last November 20, with 304 new websites from political parties and candidates, mass media and institutional services.

The harvesting policy of the Biblioteca de Catalunya covers the annual intakes of 75.700 versions, with resources from .cat domain; web resources from 450 entities and companies that have signed cooperation agreements; 900 recommended websites from users; and the daily compilation of 30 digital media.

PADICAT, a digital repository integrated in the International Internet Preservation Consortium, the international organization which safeguards the Internet preservation, was created in 2005 by the Biblioteca de Catalunya, the entity responsible for collecting, preserving and disseminating the bibliographic heritage of Catalonia, with the technological collaboration of the Centre de Serveis Científics i Acadèmics de Catalunya (CESCA).