Local elections (2011)

Since 2006 we harvest a focused collection of election campaign websites in Catalonia . On May 22, 2011, local elections were held and PADICAT captured 47.429 captures of 3.352 digital resources of 1.085 candidates of 177 politic groups. The collection includes the election campaign on the Internet of a selection of 133 Catalan municipalities (county capitals and all towns with over 10,000 inhabitants) to offer permanently access to the Catalan election campaign of 2011.

More information about PADICAT monographics at: Llueca, C., Cócera, D., Torres, N., Suades, G., De La Vega, R. (2011). “A ritmo de tweet: archivando elecciones 2.0”. El profesional de la información. V. 20, n. 3 (junio), p.309-314.

Total number of harvested websites: