Local elections (2007)

Along the same lines as the special issue about the elections to the Catalan Parliament on 1st November 2006, PADICAT has intensively monitored the electoral campaign for the local elections of 27th May. Information was taken from the blogs and webs of principal candidates for the mayor's office of 48 Catalan municipalities (i.e. regional capitals, towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants and towns with more inhabitants than the regional capital itself). Altogether these include the webs and blogs of 278 candidates, more than 100 local digital media and 30 media covering Catalan issues, etc. The mayoralty candidates for the municipalities mentioned above from parties that are represented in the Parliament, and from parties, local or not, that already had local representation were monitored. In this last case, monitoring of candidates was limited to municipalities where the parties already had representation and was not extended to others where the candidates could run for election since the party was not represented prior to the elections. Finally, we have also monitored those parties that, after the elections, have obtained at least one councillor for the first time. The aim is to give a global view of the campaign's development on the Catalan web, which could and should enable future studies in this key area of Catalan society to be carried out.

The selection of the digital resources has been done with the support of the experts in politics: professor Rosa Borge (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), professor Mariona Ferrer (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), professor Miquel Peralta (Universitat Ramon Llull) and professor Mariona Tomàs (Universitat de Barcelona).

Total number of harvested websites: