Folk-rock (2008)

Internet has become a new mean of music distribution where the bands broadcast their sonorous proposals. The proliferation of the music in the net involves, some times, the absence of this same music in a physical format as, for example, a CD, and therefore, it has not been edited by any Record company. Without this traditional editing phase, regulated by the law of Dipòsit legal (Legal Deposit), an important part of the musical richness of our country could disappear, attending to the permanent process of change or even renovation of contents in any web page.

It could be a difficult process, sometimes, to assign a label to that style of music you are listening in a concret moment. And folk-rock is not an exception to that. For us, this label envolves that kind of music that uses the sonorities of the traditional catalan music mixed with modern music sounds, that is, bands that uses a gralla or a tenora together with an electric guitar and drums.

This next selection of digital resources has been elaborated by Jordi Soler Sala, thanks to the collaboration between the Biblioteca de Catalunya (National Library of Catalonia) and the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC). Contains different examples of bands from the catalan speaking and culture territories, which uses Internet as a mean to diffuse their music, and other digital resources of all kinds, as music festivals, specialized media, record companies or management companies, where this kind of music is present.

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