European Elections (2009)

The 7th elections to the European Parliament since 1979 were held in 27 member states of the EU between the 4th and the 7th June 2009. Among 491 millions European citizens, 375 millions were called up to the ballot box to elect 736 MEP. In Spain the elections took place on the 7th June. There were put in 35 candidacies for 50 MEP belonging to the Spanish State that were to be elected by 35.516.119 Spanish citizens having the right to vote, among the 46.157.822 total inhabitants.

PADICAT now offers the monitoring of the digital resources used during the election campaign by the 35 candidacies and its nominees, mass media and Spanish and European institutional resources. There are almost 160 digital resources captured in different versions to show a global vision about the evolution of the European election campaign on the Spanish web. This monographic, which complements these ones of the election campaigns on the Internet related to the three previous calls (the local elections in 2006, the municipal ones in 2007 and the general ones in 2008), is part of a European project carried out together with the National Libraries of Germany, UK, Austria, Denmark, France, Poland and Czech Republic and other members of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC).

The selection of the resources was carried out in collaboration with the italian cultural mediator Jessica Eminenti and the researcher Tània

Total number of harvested websites: