Cooperation agreement between the Biblioteca de Catalunya and fundació puntCAT, for the preservation of web pages, has been signed


The Biblioteca de Catalunya signed the cooperation agreement with the Fundació puntCAT, on November 10th, 2006, to include the .CAT internet domains into the Digital Heritage of Catalonia (PADICAT). The agreement was signed in the presence of Dolors Lamarca, BC’s Director, and the president of the Fundació puntCAT, Joan Francesc Gras.

The Fundació puntCAT is a non-profit private entity, with the aim of promoting all kind of activities related with the creation, management and control of the register of the domain name .CAT, and in general, the promotion of the Catalan language and culture on the internet and its use in the new information technologies. Is in this working line where the strategies of both institutions converge.

The cooperation agreement will allow PADICAT to access to the web pages with the .CAT domain, to include them in the repository, thus guaranteeing the preservation of these contents that make up the Catalan web. Altogether, there are 18.000 registered .CAT domains.

PADICAT is a repository destined to collect and preserve the entire cultural, scientific and general output of Catalonia in digital format. Counts with an approximated budget of 800.000 euros, and expects to involve, through cooperation agreements, 300 representative institutions from the Catalan civil society.