The Biblioteca de Catalunya archives 47.429 versions from websites of the last electoral campaign on 133 Catalan municipalities


The web archive placed at PADICAT (Digital Heritage of Catalonia) contains 195.547 harvestings from 44.374 websites, including the electoral campaigns on the Internet since 2006

The Biblioteca de Catalunya, as the institution responsible for preserving the bibliographic heritage in Catalonia, created the PADICAT repository (Digital Heritage of Catalonia) in 2005, to collect, process and provide permanent access to the old versions of the websites that compose the Catalan Web.

In July, 2011, the digital repository contains 195.547 harvestings from 44.374 websites from Catalan city councils, companies, associations and entities of all kind, with a total amount of data of more than 300 million files. All these versions are available at the website of the repository.

Since the Catalan Parliamentary elections 2006, when 775 versions from 88 websites were harvested, there have been carried out focused compilations of the several electoral campaigns, and in the case of these last elections, the local elections of May 22, were selected and carried out harvestings of 4.075 digital resources from 1.085 candidacies belonging to 177 political parties.

The collection shows the electoral campaign on the Internet in a selection of 133 Catalan municipalities (the capital of the Regions and all those municipalities with more than 10.000 inhabitants) to accede permanently, on-line, to the 2011 electoral Catalan campaign on the Internet.

The harvesting policy contemplates the digital resources from the political parties with candidacies in a selection of 133 Catalan municipalities, including its websites, the personal websites of the candidates, as well as the participation of these candidates on the social networks, as twitter or facebook. In addition, the digital local media have been also harvested, as well as the websites of the 133 Catalan municipalities, and other institutional digital resources, as the website of the Departament de Governació i Relacions Institucionals de la Generalitat de Catalunya, and the elections chapter of the Ministerio del Interior.

PADICAT is a repository coordinated by the Biblioteca de Catalunya with the collaboration of the Centre de Serveis Científics i Acadèmics de Catalunya (CESCA). The web archive is member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), an international consortium that groups the majority of the National libraries and archives with harvesting and preservation of the Internet programs..