Later to analysis phase and software test was determined that be used Heritrix software, applied in most capture of digital resources projects. This is a software charge to compile web pages as the user sees when surf the Internet and store it in compressed files with ARC extension. Then, Heritrix software is complemented by NutchWax, or by combination with Hadoop and Wayback, doing an indexing process to compiled information that will permit use these index for localize collection resources from query interfaces: Wera, that permits search from keywords through generated indexes by NutchWax; and Wayback, that lets consult by URL in generated indexes by Hadoop and same Wayback.

Has been used Web Curator Tool software, developed by National Library of New Zealand and British Library, as a document management system that permits allocate metadata to a significant part of collection, in order to integrate, in future, funds of deposit to search in other catalogs, from the Biblioteca de Catalunya or other institutions.

PADICAT also made contributions to development these software:

Ciro Llueca; Daniel Cócera; Natalia Torres; Gerard Suades; Ricard de la Vega (2010). "CAT (Curator Archiving Tool): improving access to web archives = CAT (Curator Archiving Tool): millorant l'accés als arxius web = CAT (Curator Archiving Tool): mejorando el acceso a los archivos web". International Internet Preservation Consortium meeting (Vienna).